With over 30 years of experience Marc has achieved countless of impressive accomplishments.

Marc started his education very young, when he, as a two year old boy, would follow his parents to their own dance studio every night and already at the age of eleven, he was a Finalist at Juvenile British Open. He won the Danish Championship in Ballroom and Latin eight times and he received both a Silver and a Bronze medal in Junior Nordic Championship. 

As a young adult he achieved unbelievable titles in Ballroom and Latin such as: World Champion under 21 STAR Championship [England] Top 10 under 21 British Open,
Top 10 under 21 US Open, Top 10 under 21 Irish Open and Finalist under 21 Moscow Open.

He later became the World Champion in Latin under the dance federation WDC.

He has participated in several television programs including So You Think You Can Dance, the danish version of Dancing With The Stars - Vild Med Dans and Let's Dance Sweden. 

Marc wanted to continue his dance education and expand his knowledge, so under the Danish Dance schools' Federation [DDD] he received his diploma in Ballroom Education in 2012.

He also became an educated judge  when he received his Hip Hop and Disco Freestyle Judging Diplomas from both  the Danish Dance schools' Federation [DDD] and International Dance Organization [IDO] in 2012.

As the first foreigner, Marc go accepted  into the ADTV’s Hip Hop Education in Germany - also known as "the best dance teacher hip hop education" in the world. He received his ADTV Diploma in 2016 - finishing 2nd in his class.  

To this day Marc is the only one in Denmark, who can teach all levels [beginners, Intermediate and master classes] in Ballroom, Latin American Dance and Hip Hop Dance. 

As a teacher Marc has had some incredible experiences and accomplishments - and those are the ones he himself is the most proud of. 

He has owned and run his own dance studio in Denmark for seven years, where his knowledge, skills and empathy has lead his student to great success with titles such as three time Danish Formation Champions in Disco Freestyle, his dance studio represented Denmark at the European and World Championships in Disco Freestyle Small Group. Marc has helped his students win over twenty five Danish Solo Championships in both Hip Hop and Disco. He choreographed the Hip Hop Formation that won the Danish  Championship in 2014. One of Marc's Hip Hop students placed himself as number 21 in the whole world at the age of just 16, making him the youngest danish male dancer sent to both European and World Championship in Solo Hip Hop under the International Dance Organization  [IDO]. 

Marc has taught several workshop all over the world including the Danish Dance schools' federation [DDD]'s Annual International Dance Teacher Congress in Hip Hop, Ballroom, Latin and children dances for over eight years. 

Taught dance classes in collaboration of Elsingor Commune in public schools of Elsingor. Taught a Ballroom workshop at Ballet Chicago’s Summer Intensive in 2015. 

Marc recently received the title as Fred Astaire's "Rookie of the Quarter" in American Ballroom and Latin.